Case studies – Special access funding

The people given financial grants by the Trust have talents and ambitions that we helped fulfil. Apply for support and this could be you.

Here are some of their stories:

Alexander the grateful

csspecial-Alexander-JenkinsonAlexander Jenkinson is a 12 year old boy whose freight train driver father Paul decided to see if the Trust might consider supporting his son.

Alexander has Aspergers Syndrome (a condition on the autistic spectrum) and consequently has what his father describes as “different goals and aspirations to many children of his age.”

Being able to read and write and use a computer was a great challenge for Alexander so Paul applied to the Trust for a grant in the hope of getting enough to purchase computer equipment and speech to word software for use at home.

Paul explained: “By having access to IT equipment at home he can become more comfortable with computers and the internet.

“My son may have no aspirations to play a musical instrument or excel at sport or in a skill, but being able to read, write and use a computer is as important for him as those other goals are for ordinary children.

“The funding from the Trust gave us funds to purchase a computer specifically for Alexanders’ needs, whereas the normal household budget wouldn’t have funds to cover that.

“For that we are extremely grateful and glad that a fund such as this exists to help people.”