Eligibility Criteria for Grant Applications


Qualifying Requirements

To be eligible to make a grant application the qualifying individual with the relevant connection to a UK Freight Operating Railway, or one of the employees of a Freight Railway customer, must have at least three continuous years’ service post April 24th, 1996. Proof of eligible employment must be demonstrated by a copy of a payslip, pension document or contract of employment.


Customer Staff Eligibility

For staff of a customer applying for a grant the relevant person must have, in addition to the post April 24th 1996 service level requirement, be able to demonstrate to the trustees satisfaction that during the qualifying period their employment was predominately working with/in conjunction with a qualifying freight railway. Any decision regarding “predominance” by the Trustees shall be at the entire discretion of the Trustees.


Application Timescales and Accuracy

It is the responsibility of the applicant that a correctly compiled application form is received in time for the application to be considered by the Grant Committee before the commencement of the relevant course or activity. Applications received too late for Grant Committee consideration will not be eligible for a grant for that year, but subsequent years will receive due consideration in line with the Trusts requirements.
It is critical to the Trustees in exercising their discretion that all relevant information is supplied on initial application.

The deadline for applying for an Educational Award with a course starting in 2024/25 academic session is 31 August 2024.
NB if you apply after the closing date your application will not be considered until the following academic session.